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8 Outstanding Ideas for a Fantastic Pool Party

8 Outstanding Ideas for a Fantastic Pool Party

24th May 2023

Here it is - the time of year you’ve been waiting for: Pool season! Time for splashing, games, lounging and pool parties!

When it comes to planning a pool party, success is in the details. While you can’t plan the weather, you can organize the decorations, snacks, activities and supplies you’ll need to host a fantastic gathering.

To help you out, we’re offering some suggestions on how to make a big splash while hosting your summer celebrations. Whether you’re a pool party pro or new-pool owner novice, these pool party ideas should provide the strategies you need to ensure everyone in the pool (and out) has a blast!

How to Plan a Pool Party

Send Invitations

Wade into your party plans by setting a date and spreading the word.

Social media has made party invitations virtually effortless. With a few clicks, you can announce your pool party plans to everyone you know.

However, if you really want to make your party stand out, go old school. Buy pool party invitations or design them yourself on your computer and send them in the mail. Your friends will be happy to receive something other than promotional mailers and credit card offers.

group of young adults on pool floats in swimming pool

Set a Theme

A pool party theme isn’t strictly necessary - but it sure is fun! Children’s parties and birthday parties particularly lend themselves to themes, but adults have been known to enjoy a clever concept, too.

The best part is that there are so many pool toys and backyard accessories to support a theme. A theme also helps set the tone for your pool party decorations and menu. For instance, enhance a tropical party theme with palm tree lights or flamingo novelty lights around the central party area, and serve fruity drinks and fruit salad. Hang a string of stars or go red, white and blue for your 4th of July pool party.

Decide on Drinks & Snacks

Even the most devoted swimmers need a break. Serve plenty of fun drinks and light snacks for thirsty and hungry guests. Balance party favorites like chips and pretzels with healthier fare like fresh fruit and cut-up veggies.

Bottled water is easy and available, but you can elevate your aquatic refreshments by chilling water in a container with ice and sliced lemons, limes, oranges or cucumbers.

Keep guests comfortable with a floating cooler and floating drink holders so they can reach refreshments without leaving the water.

Provide Thoughtful Touches

A really attentive host attends to their guests’ every need. Take a tip from the resorts and have extras of some of the most forgotten swim-related items available poolside. When you’re rushing out the door, these pool necessities are often left behind.

  • Offer a sunscreen station with a variety of sun protection products.
  • Stack spare towels on a side table or folding table that can be used for dining later or stored away.
  • Spare arm floatsswim vests and even child-sized bathing suits just might save the day for young guests.

two little girls hugging by the side of an inground pool

Plan Pool Games

Free time is fine, but organizing a few games will really set your swim party apart from the rest. Find games that support your theme - diving for “treasure” at a Pirate Party, for instance. Take into account the number and age range of your guests and consider offering prizes for the winners!

Have Games for Land-Lubbers

Make sure the non-swimmers in your group, as well as guests who may tire of the water quickly, have access to several activities on dry land. Depending on the size of your yard, corn hole, beach ball volleyball and bocce ball are ideal options. If your space is more limited, you can still set up a fun station for the kids with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and Hula Hoops. Card games are another option for both kids and adults.

Provide Plentiful Seating

Even dedicated swimmers may need to sit and catch their breath. Conversation setslounge chairspatio chairsbenches and transitional seating are among the ways to accommodate a crowd. Stackable patio chairs can easily be pulled out when needed and set aside when the party’s over.

Make Some Shade

A nice, shady spot is a great place to relax after your guests have had their fun in the sun. A canopy tent can provide cover if you don’t have a porch or covered patio. Alternatively, a gazebo with screens and/or curtains can keep the insects from bugging you and block a chilly breeze.

Light Up the Night

When the sun finally begins to set, utilize outdoor lighting to keep the party going. From path lights to patio lights to pool lights, you’ll find numerous options that not only brighten your spaces but add to the atmosphere and style of your outdoor spaces.

Share the Good Times

Pool season is short in most parts of the country. Sharing your pool with friends and family is a great way to enjoy the summer and create memories that will keep you warm long after your pool is covered.

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Keep guests comfortable with a floating cooler and floating drink holders so they can reach refreshments without leaving the water!