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How to Decorate Your Yard with Light

How to Decorate Your Yard with Light

23rd Mar 2023

Summer days are long. But when the sun inevitably sets, the fun doesn’t have to move indoors! There are plenty of outdoor lighting solutions that can extend the use of your porch, patio and yard well into those balmy summer nights.

The best part is that lighting can reflect a variety of moods: You don’t have to stick with just one look. Liberate your decorating spirit and let the light shine on all your summer celebrations, from birthday parties on the patio to backyard barbecues, from drinks on the deck to elegant outdoor dining.

Backyard Lighting Tips

When decorating with light, you’ll want to consider all your existing outdoor structures and spaces, including your:

  • Porch
  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Pergola
  • Trees
  • Fencing
  • Pathways
  • Pool
  • Lawn

Layer your lightscape for maximum impact. That means using different kinds of lights in a number of different areas - above your head, at your feet and all around the yard.

Transparent globe patio lights

String Up the String Lights

Get out your Christmas lights! String lights are a versatile way to light up your yard in style. You can find decorative outdoor string lights to match every style and mood.

You can take your yard’s look from playful to sophisticated, simply by switching out a few outdoor light strands. Choose LED patio lights for energy efficiency, incandescent string lights for a warm glow or fun and colorful novelty shapes.

Suspended over a dining table, strung along a pergola or awning, or draped tree to tree, Edison lights reflect a casual mood, while classic globe lights present a look that’s more traditional. 

summer sunset ombre Edison lights

For a warmer atmosphere, let your patio glow with stunning Summer Sunset ombre transparent Edison lights.

Novelty string lights let you express your style, enhance a theme and add some fun! String up seahorse lights or flip flop lights for a beach party, flower lights for a summer party, stars for the 4th of July or novelty light strings featuring tractors for grandad’s birthday.

Northlight flower novelty lights

Other outdoor lighting ideas:

  • Twine them around deck rails, up columns and posts, around trellises and arches
  • Swag them along fences
  • Criss-cross them over an open patio

When the season is over, switch your lights from the backyard to your front lawn holiday display or tuck them neatly away with our outdoor lighting storage solutions.

Path and Stair Lighting

No one wants to miss a step in the dark. Fortunately, there are lighting solutions that are both practical and attractive.

Tuck rope lighting along edging or under the lip of stair treads to subtly light the way. Solar powered garden stake lights work well along footpaths and entryways. They stay lit for many hours and can be easily moved around.

You’ve probably seen some version of this on home design shows and social media. It’s a popular DIY trick because it’s so attractive! Fill mason jars with battery-operated mini lights or fairy lights and use the jars to line walkways and patio steps.

Table Settings

Dining tables, side tables and coffee tables can always use some additional light at night. There are many options, including flameless pillar lights, jar candles, tea lightsvotives and traditional tapers. Set them in beautiful candle holders arranged singly or in groups to add a warm glow to your meals and brighten your conversation.

lantern on deck rail

Additional Ambience

Lanterns are attractive decor features by day that become even more beautiful at night. Versatile lanterns are at home on a table or deck rail. Place them along a path, around the pool or patio, on a raised tree stump or hung from a low shepherd’s hook.

Reflected Light

Don’t forget to illuminate your water features! Ponds, fountains and swimming pools all benefit from night lighting. Plus, the effect of light reflecting on water at night can be truly magical.

The internet abounds with ways to enhance your water features with light. You can float tea lights on top of your pool using anything that floats, including candle holders made for the purpose. Use LED candles to avoid fire hazards and a potential mess in your pool.

garden fountain and plants lit at night

Floating pool lights are another option. Many are battery operated and equipped with LED lights that can change color according to your style or mood.

Luminous Backyard

For entertaining or personal pleasure, outdoor lights can add an extra element of beauty to your pool, garden, yard and patio area. With just a few lighting options and a bit of imagination, you can use light to enhance garden and architectural features and create a welcoming space for your family and friends.


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