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Fabulous Outdoor Fountains for Gardens of All Sizes

Fabulous Outdoor Fountains for Gardens of All Sizes

14th Apr 2023

Some of the most famous gardens in the world also feature some of the world’s most iconic water fountains. There’s the spectacular Apollo’s Fountain at Versailles, and numerous British country house fountains like the Emperor Fountain at Chatsworth. Really, though, you can find fountains in cities and parks wherever you go, from New York City to Kansas City, from Russia to Rome.

detail of Apollo's Fountain, Versailles, France

Why? Well, obviously you can’t have a garden without water, but there’s also something mesmerizing and often majestic about the sight of continuous water jets and plumes of spray.

Your home is likely no Versailles or medieval castle, but a garden fountain or water feature can be incorporated into just about any outdoor space - and sometimes, indoors, too!

Garden fountains are attractive backyard features with benefits - they add the soothing sound of water to your outdoor retreat.

While garden fountains are easy to find at nurseries and home centers, there are a few things you should consider before you bring one home.

First, decide where it will be placed. Most fountains use a small electric pump to circulate the water, so you’ll want to situate your outdoor fountain within easy reach of an electrical outlet. Typically, people prefer to place them on or near porches, patios, seating areas or in a garden.

Think about size and scale, also. Small fountains, around a foot in height, can be used on a tabletop, while mid-sized fountains work well in gardens with low plantings. Large fountains are best suited for large-scale landscaping and may look out of place in smaller yards.

What style is your garden? You’ll find backyard water fountains in many designs, from classic to quirky to contemporary, so take into account how the fountain you choose fits into your garden scheme.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Small Fountains (under 14”)

This petite contemporary fountain can add a touch of serenity to a small garden, tabletop or sunroom. In addition to the soothing sound of water, its strong architectural features are enhanced by LED lighting.

11 inch Gothic gargoyle Cedric the Squirt outdoor fountain

At just 11 inches tall, how can "Cedric the Squirt" fail to charm? The gothic gargoyle style fountain squirts water endlessly into a scallop shell basin. Cast in resin, he’s the perfect size for a tabletop or small garden.

Medium Sized Fountains (15-26”)

19 inch lighted 5-tier rainfall fountain

The sculptural simplicity of this 5-tier fountain would look at home in a rock garden or zen garden, but would also offer a pleasant contrast amidst flowers and leafy greens. It’s made of durable materials for long-lasting pleasure.

21.75-inch lighted wood design cascading leaf fountain

This knee-high cascading fountain is a natural for the garden. The design features cast leaves supported by wood and stone. LED lights illuminate each leaf basin.

Large Fountains (32” and up)

33-inch lighted rustic weathered fountain

The classic styling of this weathered fountain, reminiscent of ancient architectural features, would look equally stunning as a stand-alone garden feature or surrounded by leafy plantings. Three lights illuminate the water flowing through the basins.

Bring the look of traditional gardens found on European estates to your outdoor space. At nearly 4 feet tall, this three-tiered fountain deserves center stage!

Outdoor fountains add beauty and visual interest. Introducing a decorative fountain is an easy way to bring a peaceful aesthetic to your outdoor space. Whether used as a focal point or as part of the overall design, a fountain can enhance the atmosphere of your garden, making it more inviting and enjoyable.

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