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Garden Planters for Every Style

Garden Planters for Every Style

3rd Apr 2023

Plants are a great way to “dress up” your outdoor spaces. Many people who garden also use planters, whether it’s to fill in bare spots in the garden, decorate a porch or patio, or contain seasonal or more finicky blooms.

Even if you don’t have space to plant a garden, potted plants can help add a touch of greenery and a splash of color on your balcony, patio or porch.

Container gardens also are great for growing herbs and vegetables without sacrificing space for your favorite flowers!

The best thing about garden planters is that they come in every style and color imaginable. That means there is a planter for every space and every design preference, one that complements whatever size or type of plant you want to grow.

As we anticipate a new planting season, we offer the following planter suggestions to complement common design styles:


gray seated giraffe garden planter

What could be more adorable than this giraffe garden planter? Crafted from heavy duty ceramic with delightful detailing, he’ll appear totally at ease on your patio, porch, balcony or deck, filled with flowers or greenery.


tree face garden planter

Although this “tree face” garden planter appears to be carved out of wood, it is made from durable materials that will withstand the elements for years. Hang this planter on a garden wall, fence or tree as a real conversation starter.


praying angel bust garden statue planter

Statues that serve as planters are a traditional garden element that can add sophistication to your outdoor space. Garden statue planters typically feature classic or religious figures, like angels, although they can also depict more playful themes. Statuary planters work well in a memorial garden, as well as on a raised platform like a bench, garden wall or porch ledge.


black ceramic planter with abstract wave design

The simple beauty of a modern style ceramic planter shines, but allows the plant to remain the star. Modern planters feature clean lines with limited ornamentation, supporting planting styles from lush to minimalistic.


stone look resin face planter laying on side

Imagine this planter tucked into a green corner of your garden, like a forgotten piece of toppled statue that has lain there for centuries. Created from resin to look like stone, this roomy planter fits well in minimalist and zen gardens.


classic garden urn

Urn planters have been around since Roman times and can still be found in gardens around the world. Traditionally made from stone, concrete or terra cotta, modern urns in synthetic materials make for easier care and maneuverability. You’ll commonly find garden urns on outdoor stairways, flanking a doorway or at the head of a border hedge.


white and black 'Farm to Market' rectangular iron planter stand

Farmhouse styling continues to remain popular and this “Farm to Market” two-piece iron plant stand combines the typical vintage farmhouse look with versatility. The rectangular container can be used with or without the stand as a planter or ice chest.

What’s your style? Browse our garden planters to find a wide range of choices. One is sure to grow on you!


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