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‘Tis the Season to Close Your Pool: 10 Easy Steps for Pool Winterizing

‘Tis the Season to Close Your Pool: 10 Easy Steps for Pool Winterizing

5th Oct 2023

Depending on where you call home, now might be prime pool closing time. If the thought fills you with dread, never fear! Closing a pool is easier with a little preparation and planning.

Just follow our quick and efficient 10-step guide to winterizing your pool.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Get all the supplies you’ll need ready to go. Looking for something that's been in your shed for months makes winterizing a pool take longer than it has to, so avoid that headache from the get-go. Have your winter pool cover, water tubes, winter plugs, winter closing kit, air compressor and cover saver siphon pump at the ready.

Step 2: Store Pool Toys and Party Gear

Get family members to help clean and store away all your pool toys and recreational supplies. It’s only fair, since they've enjoyed the pool all season. Enlisting extra hands for this small task means you can focus on the next winterizing step.

Step 3: Clear the Deck

Remove ladders, diving boards, safety ropes, LED lights, and any other accessories around your pool. Decluttering the area paves the way gives you plenty of room to finish the pool winterizing process.

Step 4: Vacuum and Test Your Water

Vacuum the pool and skim the water as usual. Use a testing kit to check the pH levels of your pool water. This will help you determine how to treat the water before closing the pool for winter.

pool cleaner

Step 5: Treat Your Pool

With clean and balanced water, it's time to introduce winterizing chemical treatments. This step gives you the best shot at an easy pool opening next year.

Step 6: Backwash the Filter

Perform a backwash to clear debris from the filter, readying it for next season. Keep in mind that most filter sand should be changed every few years. If this is the year, now’s the time.

Step 7: Blow Out the Lines

If you're not confident in your skills with valves and air compressors, consider hiring a professional or seeking help from a handy friend. You'll need to connect an air compressor to your pump drain opening and blow air into the lines until you see a few bubbles emerging. Keep the air flowing for a few minutes to completely clear water from the lines.

Step 8: Add Ice Protection

Use an expansion absorber to protect your pool skimmer from damage. If you have an above ground pool, consider placing an inflatable winterizing pool pillow beneath the winter pool cover. The pillow will absorb ice expansion and prevent your pool’s frame from buckling.

Step 9: Apply Your Winter Cover

You may need a few extra hands for this step. Stretch the winter cover over the pool and secure it. The best way to secure your pool cover will depend on its size and whether it is an above ground or inground swimming pool.

Step 10: Install a Rain Water Siphon Pump

Use a siphon pump to prevent excess rain water or melted snow from collecting on top of your winter cover. An easy-to-use siphon pump sits on the winter cover of your above ground pool, protecting it from damage. The pump is non-electric, but it does require your garden hose to work.

And there you have it – a hassle-free guide on how to winterize a pool. Enjoy a worry-free off season, and look forward to reopening your pool next year with ease!

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