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Time to Close the Pool: How to Clean and Store Your Pool Floats

Time to Close the Pool: How to Clean and Store Your Pool Floats

28th Aug 2023

Of all the steps involved with pool closing, storing the pool floats may be the most melancholy. The act of packing all those brightly colored pool toys, floats and loungers in a box can feel sadly … deflating.

However, don’t make the process of storing pool floats any sadder by simply ramming them into a bin and forgetting about them. Proper pool float storage now will ensure they’re ready to blow up and go for a swim next spring.

Here’s how to clean and store your pool floats for the winter:

  1. Use a garden hose to spray your inflatable pool floats thoroughly with fresh water, rising away chlorine and removing any debris. If a pool float is really dirty, wash it down with a cloth, warm water and dish soap, or a combination of vinegar diluted in water. Rinse completely with the hose to remove the soap or vinegar. Both chlorine and vinegar can dull the colors of your pool float and possibly degrade the vinyl.
  2. Test your pool lounge chairs, floats and pool rings to make sure they’re airtight. After all, there’s nothing worse than a saggy pool lounger! Fix any leaks.
  3. Wipe floats with a towel and leave them in the shade until they are thoroughly dry.
  4. Deflate your pool floats completely. You can reverse airflow from your electric pump to help accomplish this.
  5. Fold swimming pool floats loosely; sharp folds could cause the vinyl to crack over time. Also, Avoid packing floats tightly, as they might stick together. Pack each pool toy separately or coat them with a thin layer of talcum powder or cornstarch to prevent sticking.
  6. The best location for pool toy storage is away from direct sunlight, in an area that doesn’t experience extreme heat or cold. Also, keep floats away from sharp objects like nails or outdoor tools that could puncture them.

Inflatable pool toys add to the enjoyment of your swimming pool for you, your family and your guests. Take care when storing your pool floats to ensure they’ll be ready to hit the water when you are!

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