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Protect Your Above Ground Pool Cover with Non-Electric Winter Cover Siphon Pump - No Electricity Required

  • Protects pool cover from water, ice, and mildew damage.
  • No electricity is needed, easy to use siphon pump.
  • Extends the life of your winter cover
  • Simply connects to your existing garden hose; hose is not included
  • Includes siphon, drain, drain hose, and garden hose coupling.

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UPC: 195583860674


Protect your above ground pool cover from water damage, mildew, and ice with our Non-Electric Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Cover Siphon Pump. Made of durable PVC and polypropylene, this siphon pump is a simple and effective solution for removing excess rainwater from your pool cover without the need for electricity. With the included drain, drain hose, and garden hose coupling, this non-electric pump automatically removes water from above-ground pool covers, extending the life of your cover and saving you time and hassle. Simply place the cover drain on top of your pool cover and squeeze the siphon pump until the water begins to flow. Avoid the risk of shock and the hassle of trying to empty heavy rainwater with our easy-to-use siphon pump.

Product Specifications

3.00 LBS