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7 Fun Games to Play with Pool Noodles and Pool Floats

7 Fun Games to Play with Pool Noodles and Pool Floats

29th Jun 2023

Relaxing on a pool lounger in the middle of a tranquil swimming pool surely must be one of summer’s greatest pleasures. If you have kids, however, it’s a pleasure you probably don’t enjoy very often. They’re likely to fight you for the float! Plus, with all the playful shouting, splashing and laughing, your pool could be anything but peaceful.

To a kid, pool floats mean fun and games - balancing, jumping, riding, racing - you name it! Whether it’s a pool noodlepool ringpool raft or water toy, inflatable pool toys are fun for everyone!

e’ve compiled a list of fun pool games that can be played with pool noodles and floats to provide endless entertainment for kids. Keep these games in mind as summer stretches on and your kids are looking for a new pool game to play.

1.  Noodle Jousting: Each player sits on a pool float and uses a swim noodle as a jousting stick. The objective is to try and knock opponents off their floats while staying balanced on your own. The last person remaining on their float wins.

2.  Noodle Water Polo: Divide players into two teams and set up goals at each end of the pool. Players use their pool floats or noodles to move a beach ball or water polo ball towards the opposing team's goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

3.  Pool Float Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course in the pool using pool floats, swimming noodles and other pool toys. Players have to navigate through the course, going under, over or around the obstacles as quickly as possible. Time participants. The one with the fastest time wins.

4.  Float Races: Two or more players each straddle a pool float and race to the other side of the pool. Anyone who falls off is disqualified!

smiling boy with pink pool noodle

5.  Raft Relay: This game is like the float races, but for larger groups, like a pool party. Divide players into two or more teams, depending on the size of your pool. Players must use a pool float to get across the pool and back again, then tag the next player on their team. The first team to complete the race wins. You can make the race harder by limiting players to use only their arms or a pool noodle to paddle across the pool.

6.  Beach Ball Pickle in the Middle: If you don’t remember how to play Pickle in the Middle, the rules are pretty simple. The game involves at least three players. One person, the “pickle,” stands in the middle of the pool. The rest of the players toss a beach ball to each other while the “pickle” tries to intercept the ball. If the “pickle” catches the ball, the person who threw it becomes the “pickle.”

7.  Musical Floats: Similar to musical chairs, but with pool floats. Set up floating pool chairs and pool rings in a circle in the pool and have participants walk around them while music plays. When the music stops, everyone scrambles to sit on a float. The player left without a float is out and exits the pool for the remainder of the game. Remove one float each round and continue until only one player is left and declared the winner.

Remember to prioritize safety while playing pool games, and ensure that participants are supervised by responsible adults. Adjust the games according to players’ ages and swimming abilities to ensure everyone has fun and stays safe in the water.

Then, when the kids are done playing, feel free to steal a little pool lounging time for yourself!

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