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Swimming to Improve Your Health & Mood

Swimming to Improve Your Health & Mood

14th Nov 2016

Women Sitting At Edge Of Swimming Pool

Many of us think of swimming in only two ways: as a professional sport and as a recreational activity. However, swimming is so much more than that. Did you know that swimming is a natural anti-depressant and stress-reliever as well? Children, adults, and senior citizens all benefit mentally and physically from regular swimming.

It's common knowledge that exercise boosts endorphins, which make us happy. That's only one side of it, though. Swimming is extraordinarily relaxing and fun, and it can serve as amazing alone time. These are two major factors in reducing stress. Although, when you swim with friends, you're still boosting your mood because it encourages bonding, reminiscing and making new memories. 

So in any situation, with friends or alone, you're always in a good mood when you're swimming. You might have ten serious issues happening in your life, but for that short time under water... nothing matters. You're suspended weightless in a relaxing environment where the sights and sounds of busy everyday life can't reach you. Swimming every day will help keep you happy and calm.

Now let's discuss the physical benefits; they're abundant. You work every single muscle, plus your core while swimming. Recreational swimming for one hour (varying by weight) can burn anywhere from 590- 830 calories. Imagine what would happen if you stayed in the pool longer than that! Add in some water workouts for better results. In fact, we recently posted about a few great workouts for torching calories in the pool.

To learn even more about the mental and physical benefits of swimming, check out this infographic we found from, below.

Why is Swimming Important?

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