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7 Gadgets That Can Make Owning a Pool Even More Fun!

7 Gadgets That Can Make Owning a Pool Even More Fun!

29th Mar 2023

Owning a pool can be a lot of work, from the labor-intensive process of opening and closing to regular cleaning and water monitoring. But it’s all worthwhile when you host a pool party or just enjoy a dip on a hot day.

Even so, it’s nice to know that there are gadgets that help make a pool owner’s life easier and more enjoyable. Here are six pool accessories we think will help you make the most of your pool this summer.

Cordless Floating Light

bubble light floating on pool at night

Illuminate the pool at night with a floating bubble light. Uniquely attractive bubble lights let you choose clear, red, green, blue or multi-color lights, according to your mood. Cordless and waterproof, floating lights come with a rechargeable battery and charger, but can run on AAA batteries.

Inflatable Cooler

inflatable cooler raft floating in a swimming pool

Inflatable coolers keep beverages and snacks close at hand while you enjoy time in the water. Handy for pool parties and even more indispensable on the river or at the lake! Bucket-style and enclosed coolers in a variety of designs make it easy to find something that suits your style.

Floating Wireless Speaker

floating wireless speaker for swimming pool

Here’s another tech-friendly feature to magnify your poolside fun: a floating wireless speaker. Connect to your audio device via Bluetooth for hours of musical entertainment. With seven different light color options, this unit keeps the party going day or night.

Poolside Shower

woman in bathing suit standing under a poolside shower by the pool

You and your guests can rinse off and avoid tracking dirt and water into the pool or your home with a portable poolside shower. Features include a sand-filled base for stability and a detachable shower head with flexible hose that also can be used as a foot rinse.

Automatic Cleaner

robotic automatic swimming pool cleaner

Vacuuming your pool is easy when you let a robot do it for you! Similar to the automatic unit that cleans your home’s floors, a robotic automatic swimming pool cleaner can be programmed to run whenever you want. It works on above ground and in ground pools of all shapes and surfaces, quickly removing debris from the pool.

Waterfall Fountain

lighted cascade waterfall fountain at night

Add a resort-like touch to your pool with a lighted cascade waterfall fountain. Equipped with four water jets and 12 LED lights, this fountain uses the water pressure from your pool’s filtration system to activate the water spray and power the color-changing LED lights. No need for electricity or batteries! The result is a water feature that beautifies your pool day and night.

Cover Siphon

cover siphon in place on top of a pool cover partially filled with water

This easy-to-use cover siphon pump helps protect and extend the life of your pool cover. The hand-operated pump lets you easily drain excess water that collects on your pool cover from rain or melted snow. A low-cost , low-tech solution to a potentially expensive and annoying problem!

To discover more fun things for the pool and poolside area, browse our collection of poolside accessories, pool floats and patio and pool deck furniture and decor.

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