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4 Major Benefits of Using Solar Covers

4 Major Benefits of Using Solar Covers

19th Aug 2016

It's no secret that swimming pools require a lot of maintenance. You have to regulate the temperature, keep the water balanced, and fight against the elements in order to keep a crystal clear pool. Did you know that a solar cover can help with all of these tasks? If you don't already have a high quality solar cover for your pool, keep reading to understand how it can help maintain your pool and reduce expenses.

Swimming Pool Covers

Regulate Temperature

The solar cover collects heat and helps keep that heat in the water. A good solar cover can increase pool temperature up to 15 degrees! This reduces energy consumption and allows to keep your pool open later into the year. It's an easy, free way to heat the water!

Reduce Evaporation

The solar cover keeps the heat in the pool, which means your water evaporation will decrease. Since you're filling the pool less often, it reduces water consumption, by up to 50%.

Keep Debris Out & Limit Chemical Consumption

The proper size solar cover acts as a barricade from the elements and debris. This barrier from leaves and rain keeps the water balanced. This means less skimming and fewer chemicals used. When a solar cover is used regularly, it can reduce chemical consumption by 30%-50%

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