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4 Pool Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes - and How to Avoid Them

4 Pool Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes - and How to Avoid Them

18th Apr 2023

Swimming in a pool can be a delightful and refreshing way to beat the summer heat. However, without proper maintenance, your pool may not be as inviting. It’s crucial to take care of your pool to avoid any mishaps and ensure that the water is sparkling clean.

Let’s discuss a few common pool maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Cleaning Thoroughly

When brushing your pool, it's essential to clean every nook and cranny. It’s easy to overlook areas such as the corners of the pool, beneath the ladder steps and the pool deck. Devote some time each week to thoroughly cleaning both in and around the pool to keep water quality in check. An automatic swimming pool cleaner is another option that can free you from some maintenance work.

Not Paying Attention to pH Levels

Checking the pH level of your pool water is vital when you first open the pool and all season long. It’s crucial to test your pool water’s pH level throughout the swim season to keep the water contaminant free and safe for swimming. Use pH or alkalinity accelerators to adjust the water's pH level and ensure a clean, sparkling pool.

Not Running Your Filter Correctly

Your pool’s pump and filtration system is an important aspect of pool maintenance, so it’s essential to run it correctly. A filtration system should run for at least eight hours a day to keep the water clean. Running the filter system correctly will save you time and effort in keeping your pool water clean and safe.

Not Cleaning Your Filters

It’s important to manage how you run your pool filters, but it’s equally important to clean them regularly. Dirty filters can bring algae into your pool and affect how your pump functions. Cleaning your pool filters is an easy task that can be done in an hour or two. To clean your filters, soak them in a mild solution of hydrochloric acid, rinse and let them dry. Make sure to wear protective gear while cleaning your filters.

Pool maintenance may seem like a chore, but it is crucial to keep your pool water sparkling clean and safe. Avoiding common mistakes will help you maintain a clean and inviting pool throughout the season and maximize your water fun!


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