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Pool Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes

Pool Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes

28th Jun 2021

Swimming in the pool is a refreshing way to enjoy those hot days. However, if you don’t maintain the pool properly, you may not want to dive in at all. We have a few solutions to some common pool maintenance mistakes. Your pool will be sparkling clean in no time!

Not Cleaning Thoroughly

When brushing your swimming pool, make sure you clean all the spots. Many pool owners may forget to clean around or beneath their ladder steps, the corners of the pool, and the pool deck as well. Spend time each week giving your swimming pool a quality clean both in and around the pool. Don't let overlooked spots take a toll on the quality of your swimming pool's water.

Not Taking Your pH Levels Seriously

As a pool owner, you know how important it is to check your pH level when you open up your pool. However, it's important to test your swimming pool's pH level regularly throughout the season. Keep adjusting your pool's water with pH or alkalinity accelerators to get that clean, sparkling water. When maintaining your swimming pool throughout the season, checking your pH levels should always be a priority.

Not Running Your Filter Properly

When maintaining your swimming pool, you expect your pool filter system to help you keep that clean, safe water. If you expect your swimming pool filter system to do its job, then it needs to run the way it's supposed to. A filtration system is meant to run eight or more hours a day. Put less stress on you to get that sparkling water by running your filter system for eight or more hours a day.

Cleaning The Dirty Filters

While it’s important to manage how you run your pool filters, it’s just as important to clean them. If you avoid cleaning them during the season, you risk bringing algae into your swimming pool. If not cleaned at all, you also risk how your pump works. Within an hour or two, you can clean your pool’s filters. Take a look at how you can clean them below, or see the instructions on the box.

Soak dirty filters in a mild solution of hydrochloric acid. After a little time soaking, rinse and let them dry. Keep yourself protective while doing this by wearing protective gear.

We hope these tips will help you get that clean, sparkling water all season long. Maintenance may seem difficult at times, but it’s all worth it for your swimmers. If you need a few more guides, check out ours here!