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Why Are Solar Covers & Cover Reels So Important?

Why Are Solar Covers & Cover Reels So Important?

23rd Sep 2016

Solar Covers are crucial for maintaining any swimming pool. They protect the pool from debris and evaporation, while keeping the water warm without increasing energy and heating costs. Most of us know how important solar covers are. However, many think that   solar cover reels are not quite as essential. Well, the truth is, solar cover reels are incredibly important for saving time, energy and sanity. No to mention, they reduce the chance that one of the swimmers will "forget" to put the pain-in-the-butt cover back on. When it's as simple as turning a knob, there's really no reason to avoid putting the cover back on. Obviously... if the cover isn't on the pool when nobody is swimming, then it can't do it's job now can it?

Solar Swimming Pool Cover Reel

Want to make life a whole lot easier?

There won't be any struggling and fighting against the weight and awkwardness of the cover. Most of us don't take full advantage of all the benefits of a solar cover, because it seems like too much work. Do yourself a favor and get a heavy duty solar cover reel. You'll be glad you did. Solar covers are great because they can make your pool up to 10 degrees warmer. They trap in the warmth, generate heat from the sun, keep debris out, and limit evaporation. All of these benefits also end up saving you money in the long run. Less debris in the pool means your filter doesn't work as hard and lasts longer. By limiting evaporation, there is less need to add more water to maintain levels, and that also means less of a need to add more costly chemicals. It's human nature to want to avoid difficult tasks, so make it easier with a solar cover reel and solar cover from Pool Central. It won't take long to see the benefits in your pool and your pocket book!