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What To Do When Your Pool Liner Falls Out

What To Do When Your Pool Liner Falls Out

16th Oct 2016

Today's blog post to you is brought to you my defiant swimming pool! Possibly due to heat or age, our vinyl liner came out in three places. We're expecting a lot of rain this week, and you do NOT want a lot of water behind the liner - so something had to be done ASAP. My sister and I came up with a quick solution. I won't lie to you, it was hard... and I'm very sore - but it worked!

If the liner space is large, you may have to get in the water and push up from the bottom. You push the liner up and press piping into the space to keep the liner where it should be. If the liner isn't too bad, you don't have to get in the water. Here's a great tutorial from YouTube channel " DoubleWide6"

What Next?

After you get the liner back in where it should be, the major issue is taken care of. You can still swim and enjoy your pool, all should be fine. However, a small issue can turn into a big one... so it's not a bad idea to have a professional come and inspect it. If you need the liner professionally fixed, it's worth it. It's much better to pay for a small repair now, rather than paying for a liner replacement.