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Welcome Spring with Beautiful Things for the Birds

Welcome Spring with Beautiful Things for the Birds

16th Mar 2023

Do you eagerly await the first robin of spring? Many birds that wintered somewhere else return to their summer homes in March and April. Mornings are filled with the joyous chatter of birds and the trees shiver with their activity.

If you think that's a reason to celebrate - we agree! What’s more, spring is the perfect time to welcome birds back to your yard with practical and beautiful items they’ll enjoy now and throughout the summer.

Making Birds Welcome

It doesn’t take much to satisfy a bird - just a little bird seed, a drink of water and a cozy place to sleep. And Pool Central is glad to help provide all three!

Below, we’ve spotlighted some of this season’s favorite backyard bird accessories.

Bird Houses

rustic birdhouse

Start with something simple, like this cozy rustic birdhouse. With a distressed wood finish and rusted metal decal detailing, it already looks “lived in.” Access in the back provides easier access for cleaning. Set the birdhouse on a ledge or stand, or hang it from a branch or pole and you’re ready to welcome guests for the season.

large gray New England cottage style birdhouse

Looking to upsize your bird house? How about this New England cottage birdhouse, designed with wildlife-safe materials to accommodate wrens, chickadees, finches and titmice. Detailing includes soft gray paint with two wrap around porches and a cedar shingle style roof. This birdhouse can be hung or set on a pedestal and the back wall removes for easy cleaning.

Bird Feeders

sky cafe round bird feeder with squirrel baffle hood

Dubbed the “sky cafe”, this generously proportioned bird feeder holds a gallon of seed and features a circular landing tray that seats a crowd. One of this bird feeder’s best features is the squirrel baffle roof to thwart pesky marauders. Hang this seed-in-the-round feeder from a branch or pole and let the mealtime rush begin!

amethyst antique style glass bottle hummingbird feeder

Tiny and fast but infinitely fascinating, hummingbirds require a liquid lunch. This classic amethyst antique style glass bottle hummingbird feeder adds beautiful color to your garden. It features a wrap-around perch with five flower shaped feeding ports and holds 20 ounces of nectar. A detachable polished copper base makes cleaning and refilling quick and easy.

Bird Baths

cast aluminum pedestal bird bath

This hand cast aluminum pedestal bird bath features an antique bronze finish and a pair of hummingbirds perched on the rim. Pretty details aside, this sturdy bird bath can accommodate enthusiastic backyard bathers large and small.

deck mounting heated bird bath bowl

Birds need water in winter, too, and a deck-mounting bird bath bowl is a safe way to provide it while bringing birds in close for your viewing pleasure. An enclosed heating element keeps the water from freezing, while a tilt-to-clean feature makes maintenance a breeze.

Eager to wake up with the birds this spring? Bird feeders, baths and houses can help you create the type of environment that will make your yard a popular bird hangout all season long.

Take a minute to browse our wide range of bird feeders, bird baths and bird houses and find just the right items to make the birds feel at home in your yard.

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