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The Top Reasons Why You Should Own a Swimming Pool

The Top Reasons Why You Should Own a Swimming Pool

29th Jan 2024

In the blazing heat of last summer, you wished you owned a swimming pool. Since then, cooler temperatures may have chilled your interest. If you’re still wondering if a backyard pool is a good idea, Pool Central has 10 good reasons to buy a pool this year.

1.  Family Entertainment

Think back to last July, when your hot, cranky, red-faced children begged you to take them swimming. That doesn’t happen when you have a pool right in your backyard! Swimming pools offer entertainment for the whole family. From babies to grandparents, everyone loves a dip in the pool. Relax in a pool float with a drink and a good book, organize games like water polo, pool volleyball and water basketball or challenge the kids to diving and obstacle course contests. There’s no limit to the fun you can have in the water.

2.  Convenience

When temperatures rise, tempers grow short. You might lack the patience and energy to pack the towels, sunscreen, swim gear, drinks and snacks and load the kids into the car to get to the community pool or beach. All that frustration goes away when you have a backyard swimming pool. You can avoid the hassle and swim whenever it’s convenient for you. There’s no waiting for open swim times at the community center and no need for a swim club membership.

small girl with pink water wings kicking her feet by the side of a swimming pool

3.  Teach Kids to Swim

What better place to teach kids to swim than your own backyard pool? Having access to a swimming pool gives kids the support and confidence they need to be successful and safe in the water. They’ll learn to blow bubbles, paddle and kick, then move on to underwater swimming and diving. With a few pool accessories like inflatable floats, swim vests, goggles, swim fins, snorkels, diving rings and other water games, they’ll have endless fun splashing around in the pool while learning a life-long skill.

4.  Pool Parties

When temperatures soar, everyone loves knowing someone with a swimming pool. The more the merrier! Pools are great places to entertain and hang out with your own family, as well as with neighbors and friends. Invite everyone for an afternoon pool party or spontaneous evening swim. When you become a pool owner, you increase your popularity and expand your social life!

5. Privacy

Some people who enjoy swimming avoid public pools. They’re not comfortable with crowds or being seen in a bathing suit. When you have a swimming pool, your backyard becomes your private oasis. Here, you can practice swimming and gain confidence in your abilities. Swim at your own pace without fear of intimidation or embarrassment. Avoid crowds, concentrate on your strokes and take pleasure in an enjoyable and healthy activity.

instructor and older women using pool noodles in water aerobics class

6.  Great Exercise

Sure swimming is fun, but it’s also great exercise! Among other benefits, swimming builds muscle and strengthens your lungs and heart. While swimming is a healthy activity at any age, swimming and water aerobics are particularly beneficial for seniors. Water resistance provides a great low-impact workout for people with arthritis or joint pain, or who are recovering from some types of injuries and surgery.    

7.  Relief from the Heat

You’ve heard the warnings about climate change. The world is getting warmer. That could mean more intense summer heat. Swimming provides vital relief from soaring temperatures and owning a pool is one way to keep your cool during a heat wave.

8.  Lifeguard Shortage

Last year, communities faced soaring summer temperatures and a shrinking number of swimming venues. Many public swimming pools remained closed or reduced their hours due to a shortage of qualified lifeguards. Don’t be left high and dry this summer! Plan now to install your own inground or above ground pool, where your enjoyment doesn’t depend on hiring issues.

competitive swimmers during an event

9.  It’s an Olympic Year

The Olympics always bring renewed interest to the sports they cover. Expect the swimming events at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris to be among the most exciting! About 850 swimmers from around the world will churn up the pool for 35 separate swimming events in one of the oldest Olympic sports. Cheer on your favorite athletes, then jump in your pool for your own victory celebration!    

10.  Years of Enjoyment

With attention and care, you’ll enjoy your swimming pool for years - possibly decades! The average life expectancy of an above ground pool is eight to 15 years. Depending on the materials used, an inground pool can last 20 to 30 years or longer. Install your pool this year and it could be around to entertain your grandchildren.

There are many good reasons to buy a pool. Your motivations may be different than ours, but no less compelling.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a swimming pool, now is the time to contact pool contractors so you can review your options, place an order and plan an installation date.

Pool Central will be ready with all the supplies, equipment, floats and pool deck furniture you need to turn your backyard into your own swimming haven.  

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