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Protect Your Pool Equipment with These Freeze Protection Tips

Protect Your Pool Equipment with These Freeze Protection Tips

19th Feb 2023

Winter can bring freezing temperatures that can cause significant damage to your pool equipment. A minor freeze across the surface of your pool is usually not a cause for concern, but water freezing inside your pump, filter, or heater can lead to expensive repairs. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to prevent your pool equipment from freezing and offer tips on how to handle frozen pool equipment.

Preventing Pool Equipment Freeze:

  • Winterize your pool equipment and plumbing
  • Keep pump(s) running with all valves open
  • Install freeze protection equipment

Pool Winterization: A partial pool winterization involves draining the pump, filter, heater, and other above ground equipment. Complete winterization involves blowing the water out of the equipment and pipes and plugging the pipes at the pool.

Keep Pool Pumps Running: In mild climates, you can remove your timer clock off switch and run the pump 24/7 until the weather warms up. In colder climates, set up an alert on your phone to notify you when temps drop below 37ºF or install a freeze warn alert system.

Install Freeze Protection Equipment: Pool freeze protection works with a sensor that measures the outside air temperature and turns on the pool pump when the low temperature threshold is reached. 

Winter Power Failure: If the power fails during a winter snowstorm, your pool pumps will shut off, unless you have a home generator to take over. In this situation, unscrew the drain plugs on your pump and heater, and any closed pool line valves. Shut the power off the breaker, so the pump won’t turn on without water inside.

Frozen Pool Equipment: If your pool equipment is frozen solid, shut off all power at the breaker, place heavy woolen blankets over the equipment, and safely place a small space heater inside the ‘tent’. Monitor closely until thawed, inspect closely for cracks. If repair is needed, drain equipment until repaired.

Winter can be a challenging time for pool owners, but with the right freeze protection tips, you can protect your pool equipment and prevent costly repairs. Be sure to winterize your pool equipment and plumbing, keep your pool pumps running, install freeze protection equipment, and take steps to handle any frozen pool equipment. With these tips, you can enjoy your pool for years to come.