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Hayward Sand Filter Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe Replacement - Clean and Maintain Your Pool with Ease

  • Effortlessly clean and maintain your pool with the Hayward Sand Filter Lateral Assembly
  • Modern style with a sleek black and white finish for a contemporary look
  • Sand filter
  • Used to maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool
  • Made with high-quality materials for durability and recommended for outdoor use
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Prepare your pool for a summer full of enjoyment and relaxation with the Hayward Sand Filter Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe Replacement. This essential equipment ensures that your pool remains clean and pristine, providing you with a refreshing and inviting swimming environment. Featuring a modern style with a sleek black-and-white finish, this sand filter lateral assembly adds a touch of sophistication to your pool area. Its contemporary design seamlessly blends with various pool aesthetics, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Combining the functions of a suction pool cleaner and a sand filter, this assembly is a powerful tool for efficient pool cleaning. It effectively removes dirt, debris, and other impurities, ensuring that your pool water remains crystal clear. Maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool becomes effortless with this Hayward sand filter lateral assembly. Its reliable performance helps you keep your pool free from unwanted contaminants, providing you with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Crafted with high-quality materials, including plastic and metal components, this Hayward assembly is built to last. It is recommended for outdoor use, making it suitable for various pool environments. Trust in the durability and efficiency of this product to keep your pool in top condition throughout the summer season. Dimensions: (Dimensions may vary, please refer to product specifications for accurate measurements) Materials: Plastic/Metal (Constructed with durable materials for long-lasting performance) Keep your pool clean and beautifully assembled with the Hayward Sand Filter Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe Replacement. Invest in this essential equipment to ensure a pristine swimming pool experience all summer long.

Product Specifications

2.20 LBS