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Welcome Floral Hummingbird House Flag - Embrace the Beauty of Spring!

  • A beautiful rendition of a garden and hummingbirds, capturing the essence of spring
  • Vibrant colors with blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas and two resting hummingbirds
  • Features soft, high quality fabric for durability
  • Sleeve on top allows the flag to slide onto the flagpole; flag pole not included
  • A convenient sleeve on top for easy sliding onto a flagpole (flagpole not included)
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Welcome the beauty of spring into your home with the exquisite Welcome Floral Hummingbird House Flag. This flag beautifully portrays a garden scene teeming with vibrant colors and the graceful presence of hummingbirds, making it the perfect addition to your spring decor. The flag features a captivating design that showcases a "Welcome" message displayed over a charming purple border. Resting gracefully on the flowers are two hummingbirds, adding an element of enchantment to the overall composition. The flowers themselves, in shades of blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas, create a visually stunning and inviting display. Crafted from soft and high-quality polyester fabric, this house flag is designed to withstand outdoor elements while maintaining its vibrant colors and overall appeal. It is durable and built to last, allowing you to enjoy its beauty throughout the spring season and beyond. With its double-sided design, this house flag ensures that the captivating garden scene and the graceful hummingbirds can be seen from both sides. This adds depth and dimension to the flag, enhancing its visual impact and making it an eye-catching display for anyone passing by. Installing the flag is hassle-free, thanks to the convenient sleeve on top. Simply slide the flag onto a flagpole (flagpole not included), and it will be securely held in place. This ensures a stable and elegant presentation, allowing the flag to flutter in the breeze and catch the attention of visitors and passersby. To keep the flag in pristine condition, it is recommended to hand wash it in cold water with mild soap. After washing, simply hang it to dry. If needed, a cool iron can be used to remove any wrinkles and maintain its fresh and vibrant appearance. With dimensions of 40" long x 28" wide, this outdoor house flag is designed to make a statement. It is the perfect size to proudly display in front of your home, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for all who approach. Embrace the beauty of spring and welcome guests with the charming Welcome Floral Hummingbird House Flag. Let it's delightful design and vibrant colors bring the essence of spring into your home, creating a welcoming atmosphere for family, friends, and neighbors. Please note that the flagpole is not included, allowing you the flexibility to choose a flagpole that suits your preferences.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
0.40 LBS 28.00" 40.00" 0.10"