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Enchanting Set of 4 Gray Cherub Angel Garden Statues - Heavenly Reminders for Any Space

  • Four cherub angel statues add character to gardens, patios, or indoor areas.
  • Each cherub angel is in a unique pose, from holding a bird to reading a book, providing variety.
  • One is sitting with his legs crossed holding a book; another on has a bird in his hands
  • Recommended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, versatile for various settings.
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Add a touch of enchantment to your garden, patio, or indoor space with this enchanting Set of 4 Gray Cherub Angel Outdoor Garden Statues. Whether displayed together or separately, these cherub angel statues are sure to add character and heavenly reminders to any area they adorn. Each cherub angel is in a unique pose, showcasing their individual personalities. One angel is sitting with legs crossed, holding a bird gently in their hands, while another angel is sitting with legs crossed, engrossed in reading a book. The third angel is kneeling with a delicate butterfly resting on their hand, symbolizing grace and beauty. The fourth angel is sitting with hands next to their mouth, ready to shout something joyous. These lovely cherub angel statues are perfect for use as memorials, accents on patios, or as decorations on mantles, adding a touch of serenity and charm to your space. Meticulously sculpted by highly skilled artisans, these statues exhibit fine attention to detail, from the intricate feathers on the angel's wings to the expressive facial features. Crafted from durable polyresin, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing for versatile placement options. The dimensions of the angel with bird statue are 6"H x 5.25" W x 3.5"D, the angel with book statue is 6"H x 5" W x 4.75"D, the angel with butterfly statue is 6.5"H x 5" W x 3"D, and the angel shouting statue is 5.75"H x 5.25" W x 4.25"D. Enhance your decor with this captivating Set of 4 Gray Cherub Angel Garden Statues, providing a touch of whimsy and heavenly beauty to your surroundings.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
3.15 LBS 5.00" 6.50" 3.00"