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Clear Your Cloudy Pool with 1 Qt - Haviland Trouble Shooter Concentrated Clarifier

  • Traps and demolishes small particles passing through the filter
  • Double the strength for increased filter efficiency, reduced sanitizer usage
  • Super easy to use and works will all filter types
  • Doesn’t affect water balance
  • Easy to use, doesn't affect water balance
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Introducing 1 Qt - Haviland Trouble Shooter Concentrated Clarifier, the ultimate solution to clear up your cloudy pool in no time! Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly cleaning your pool, only to see it turn cloudy again. With this concentrated clarifier from Haviland, you can enjoy crystal-clear water all season long. This powerful clarifier is designed to trap and demolish those pesky small particles that manage to slip through your filter, leaving your pool water pristine and sparkling. What's more, it's double the strength of a regular Haviland clarifier, meaning it's highly effective at increasing filter efficiency and reducing sanitizer usage. Formulated with a unique multivalent cationic polymer, this clarifier is compatible with all sanitizer products, making it a versatile choice for any pool owner. Whether you use chlorine, bromine, or any other sanitizer, this clarifier will work seamlessly to improve your water quality. One of the best features of this Haviland clarifier is how easy it is to use. Simply add the recommended amount to your pool water, and watch it work its magic. It's also compatible with all filter types, including sand, cartridge, and DE filters, making it a convenient choice for any pool system. Unlike some clarifiers that can throw off your water balance, this Haviland clarifier is designed to maintain a balanced pH and won't affect your pool's water chemistry. With a net weight of 1 quart, you'll have plenty of product to keep your pool water crystal clear all season long. Don't let cloudy water ruin your pool enjoyment. Get 1 Qt - Haviland Trouble Shooter Concentrated Clarifier and enjoy sparkling, clear water in your pool all season long!

Product Specifications

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