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Stabilize pH & Prevent Corrosion with 25 Lb Haviland Durachlor Pool Water Alkalinity Increaser

  • Maintain balanced pH levels in your pool with ease
  • Increase alkalinity in water for optimal pool chemistry
  • Quick dissolving powder
  • Prevents corrosion to equipment and/or fixtures
  • Protect equipment and fixtures from corrosion with this 25-pound solution.
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Get your pool water in perfect balance with the 25 Lb Haviland Durachlor Swimming Pool Water Alkalinity Increaser. Summer is here, and it's time to open your pool, but if you're facing pH issues, we've got you covered. This alkalinity increaser is specifically designed to help stabilize the pH balance in your pool water, ensuring crystal clear and healthy water for swimming and enjoyment. Here are some key features of this product: Increase Alkalinity: This pool water alkalinity increaser helps to raise the alkalinity levels in your water, preventing issues caused by low alkalinities such as pH bounce, corrosion to equipment and fixtures, and cloudy water. Quick Dissolving Powder: The fast-acting and quick-dissolving powder formula of this alkalinity increaser makes it easy to apply and ensures rapid results, saving you time and effort. Prevent pH Bounce: By stabilizing the pH levels in your pool water, this alkalinity increaser helps prevent pH bounce, which can cause fluctuations in water chemistry and result in water that is not safe for swimming. Protect Equipment and Fixtures: The Haviland Durachlor alkalinity increaser is specially formulated to prevent corrosion to pool equipment and fixtures, helping to extend their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. Net Weight: This package contains 25 pounds of alkalinity increaser, providing you with ample supply to treat your pool water and maintain optimal water chemistry throughout the swimming season. Don't let pH issues ruin your pool experience this summer. Trust the 25 Lb Haviland Durachlor Swimming Pool Water Alkalinity Increaser to help you achieve perfectly balanced water and enjoy a clean and safe swimming environment.

Product Specifications

25.00 LBS