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Maintain Pool Pro Super Water Clarifier: Clears Cloudy Water & Improves Filtration - 1 Quart

  • Latest-generation water clarifier for crystal clear pool water.
  • Improves filtration and extends filter life.
  • Efficient formula: 1-ounce treats 5000 gallons of pool water.
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The Maintain Pool Pro Super Water Clarifier is a cutting-edge solution for clearing extremely cloudy pool water caused by poor filtration, dust, pollen, dead algae, or chemical residue. This latest-generation water clarifier is designed to coagulate and floc suspended solids from your pool water while adding no solid residue of its own. This results in crystal-clear swimming pool water and longer-lasting, better-operating filters. With its extra-strength formula, just one ounce of the Maintain Pool Pro Super Water Clarifier can treat up to 5000 gallons of pool water, making it a highly efficient solution for pool owners looking to maintain clear, healthy water. This 1 quart bottle is easy to use and will help you achieve the sparkling pool you've always wanted.

Product Specifications

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