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2 Lbs - Haviland Durachlor Swimming Pool Trouble Shooter Mustard Eliminator

  • Knock mustard algae out quick with this mustard eliminator
  • Effect of all types of algae, being most effective against mustard algae
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Restores your water clarity
  • Net weight of bottle is 2 pounds
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Finally summer time and the pool is opening but what is that? Algae. But not just regular algae it is Mustard algae. Don't feel defeated get yourself some mustard eliminator. This algaecide will easily remove green and yellow stands of algae in most bodies of water.

Mustard eliminator will knock out all types of algae, being most effect against mustard algae
Sanitizer exciter
Safe for all surfaces
Dissolves quickly
Leaves no residues
EPA Registered
Simple and small dosages needed
Restores water clarity
Leaves no offensive chloramines

Net weight: 2 pounds

Product Specifications

2.00 LBS