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Haviland Durachlor Swimming Pool 3" Chlorine Tablets - 10 lbs of Steady, Effective Chlorination

  • Slow-dissolving, compressed 3" tablets with 90% available chlorine
  • The stabilized formula protects against UV rays and contains trichlor
  • 90% available chlorine; contains trichlor
  • Slow dissolving; will not clog feeders
  • 10-pound container for continued sanitizer introduction in your pool
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Keep your pool clean and sparkling all season long with Haviland Durachlor Swimming Pool 3" Chlorine Tablets. These slow-dissolving tablets have a 90% available chlorine formula and are stabilized to protect against UV rays. The compressed tablets are easy to use, won't clog feeders, and provide steady levels of chlorine to keep your pool safe and healthy. The tablets are also pressed without gums or binders, making them easier to handle and leaving less residue in your pool. With a 10-pound container, you'll have plenty of steady, effective chlorination to last you through the season.

Product Specifications

10.00 LBS