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GEMINI II NR4AC 120V 12A 1SPD 1.5HP w/Cord & Air Switch - Powerful and Efficient Pump

  • Experience power and efficiency with the GEMINI II NR4AC 1.5HP pump.
  • Powered by a 1.5-HP motor for reliable and robust performance.
  • Compact dimensions of 8"H x 13"W x 6"D for easy installation and space-saving design.
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The GEMINI II NR4AC 120V 12A 1SPD 1.5HP w/Cord & Air Switch is a powerful and efficient pump that delivers reliable performance for your pool or spa. With its robust 1.5-HP motor, this pump provides the power you need to keep your water circulating effectively. Designed with convenience in mind, the GEMINI II NR4AC features a 1.5-inch self-draining intake and 1.5-inch center discharge. This ensures optimal water flow, allowing for efficient filtration and circulation throughout your pool or spa system. The pump comes equipped with a cord and air switch, offering convenient operation and control. The cord provides an easy and secure power connection, while the air switch allows you to easily turn the pump on and off as needed. With its compact dimensions of 8"H x 13" W x 6"D, the GEMINI II NR4AC is easy to install and saves space in your pool or spa setup. It provides a powerful performance in a compact package, making it a versatile choice for various applications. Upgrade your pool or spa system with the GEMINI II NR4AC 120V 12A 1SPD 1.5HP w/Cord & Air Switch. Experience the power, efficiency, and convenience it offers, ensuring optimal water circulation and enjoyment. Invest in this high-quality pump and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and robust water circulation system.

Product Specifications

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