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Filter Cartridge Refill Set Hayward Shark Vac - Efficiently Collect and Filter Fine Particles!

  • Keep your pool clean with the Filter Cartridge Refill Set for Hayward Shark Vac.
  • Set includes two black cartridges for effective filtration of fine particles.
  • Cartridge refill will collect fine particles
  • Enhance the performance of your Hayward Shark Vac and maintain a pristine swimming environment.
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Ensure a clean and inviting pool with the Filter Cartridge Refill Set designed specifically for Hayward Shark Vac. This set includes two black cartridges that efficiently collect and filter fine particles, providing an effective solution for maintaining clean pool water. The Filter Cartridge Refill Set is designed to capture and filter fine particles, effectively removing debris and impurities from your pool. With these cartridges in place, you can enjoy a cleaner swimming environment and crystal-clear pool water. The set offers two cartridges, providing a reliable refill option for your Hayward Shark Vac. When one cartridge becomes dirty or clogged, simply switch to the spare cartridge, ensuring continuous pool cleaning and maintenance. One of the key advantages of the Filter Cartridge Refill Set is its reusability. These cartridges can be easily cleaned and reused, offering long-lasting value and convenience. By regularly cleaning and maintaining the cartridges, you can ensure optimal performance and extended use. Upgrade your Hayward Shark Vac with the Filter Cartridge Refill Set and enjoy efficient collection and filtration of fine particles. Experience the convenience of reusable cartridges and the assurance of a cleaner pool environment. Invest in this high-quality refill set and maintain a pristine swimming pool all season long.

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