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Sparkling Pool & Spa with DicaLite Filter Powder - 25lb Bag

  • Filters particles associated with recreational water illness
  • Enhances filter productivity and reduces chlorine and shock use
  • Capable of filtering out particles as small as one micron
  • Efficient and effective pool filtration, filtering down to 1 micron.

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UPC: 257554256463


DicaLite Swimming Pool and Spa Filter Powder is the solution for a sparkling pool every day and night. It is designed to simplify the pool maintenance process and give you more time to enjoy your swimming pool. This powder, made from microscopic fossilized algae, is also known as diatomaceous earth (DE) and acts as millions of tiny sponges, absorbing and trapping particles that cloud and contaminate your water. It filters out particles as small as one micron, making it one of the most efficient and effective pool filters available. DicaLite not only filters out particles associated with recreational water illness, it also enhances filter productivity, reducing the use of chlorine and shock. Each 25lb bag is 1 inch high and 1 inch wide.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
25.00 LBS 1.00" 1.00" 1.00"