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Which Is The Best Season For New Pool Construction?

Which Is The Best Season For New Pool Construction?

5th Oct 2016

“ T he Time Has Come for Colds, and Overcoats– Brand New

This lyric says it all; autumn is officially here and it’s going to cool off soon. As the cold seasons approach in some of our customer’s areas, pools are closing and the coats are coming out of storage. For new homeowners, the new pool construction might be way down on the to-do list. It makes sense, why invest and plan for something you can’t use until next year… right? Wrong! Honestly, the planning and construction of a new pool is a long (although exciting) process that requires your full attention. That being said, the best time to start is in the autumn or winter months.

Backyard In-ground Swimming Pool

OH YES, You Have IMPORTANT Decisions to Make

Okay, so if you’re a new homeowner, or you simply decided to add a pool for next season… you have some big choices to make. Are you going to have an above ground or inground pool? What shape do you want? How deep should it be? Do you want a heater? What about a connected hot tub? Only you can answer these questions, so you’ll need to spend quality time researching and working with professionals to determine the best outcome for your budget and desires.

It’s All So Much Easier

With plenty of time to make decisions, change your mind, and finally decide on a plan, it will be easier to find a company that can meet, and exceed, your needs. However, the better the company is… the busier they will be in spring and summer months. Working with your contractors in autumn and winter allows you more special attention and time to figure out every little detail. Working everything out early on is not only time-efficient, but it also makes the construction process much smoother.

You’ll Need to Wear Your Negotiating Pants!

Once you know what you want, you’ll need a reputable company that’s willing to help you get as close to your dream pool as possible – and within your budget. This will also take plenty of research and interviewing. As it gets closer to summer, you may read great articles or hear enticing ads on the radio, but ultimately you must stick to your original desires. Know your deal breakers and don’t bend on important factors for a discount; you could end up regretting that decision come summer. The best time to negotiate is during the winter months when pool contracting companies are looking for projects and not overworked.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – And Neither Was Any Decent Pool

While some construction projects can wrap-up impressively fast, you NEED your contracting company to take the time to build or create your pool thoroughly and safely. Having all the negotiations and paperwork settled before spring allows the contractors sufficient time to get your pool swim-ready before the warm weather hits… without sacrificing quality.

Share the Knowledge with Others!

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