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6" Kneeling Firefighter Prayer Resin Figurine - A Meaningful Gift for Firefighters

  • Religious figurine made of durable resin material, perfect for gifting to firefighters and their families.
  • Features a firefighter kneeling down aside a heartfelt prayer, symbolizing bravery and dedication.
  • Features kneeling fireman alongside prayer
  • Reads the text of "A Fireman's Prayer"
  • Recommended for indoor use only, serving as a reminder of faith and appreciation.
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The 6" Kneeling Firefighter Prayer Resin Figurine is the perfect gift to honor the bravery and dedication of firefighters and their families. Crafted from durable resin material, this religious figurine showcases a firefighter in a humble kneeling position alongside a heartfelt prayer. The figurine serves as a symbol of courage and protection, capturing the essence of the firefighter's noble calling. Engraved on the figurine is the powerful "A Firefighter's Prayer", which reads as follows: "When I put on my gear, Lord, please help me be courageous and protective, serving my community. If I should have to risk my life, help me be brave. Give me wisdom and give me strength when there are lives to save. Remind me why I chose this work and to fulfill the call. Remind me that you're here with me and watching over all. And when the day is over, Lord, most of all I pray that I'll come home to those I love safely every day. Amen." This heartfelt prayer expresses the selflessness and devotion of firefighters, serving as a reminder of their commitment to the community. The figurine is suitable for display on desks, tables, or even in lockers, serving as a source of inspiration and gratitude. Please note that it is recommended for indoor use only. The dimensions of 6.25" H x 4.37" W x 5.5" L make it a substantial and significant presence, honoring the noble profession of firefighting. Show your appreciation and support for firefighters with this meaningful Kneeling Firefighter Prayer Resin Figurine.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
1.30 LBS 4.37" 6.25" 5.50"