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6" Golden Yellow Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Aromatherapy Container Candle

  • Golden yellow eucalyptus lemon container candle
  • Cotton wick dipped in triple filtered pure beeswax
  • Beeswax is clean and emits no chemicals nor smoke
  • Recommended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Aromatherapy candle measures 6 inches high by 4 inches in diameter
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SKU: DBNO 8B6163E0
UPC: 659725856029


Experience the natural beauty and sweet aroma of our handmade beeswax container candles. Crafted with pure, triple-filtered beeswax and a lead-free cotton wick, these candles are hypoallergenic and emit negative ions to purify the air. Beeswax is clean and smoke-free, and the bees themselves play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Enjoy the warm, honey-scented glow of these candles in any room of your home, and feel good knowing you're supporting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product.

Product Features:
Golden yellow eucalyptus lemon aromatherapy container candle
Handmade artisan candles using lead-free cotton wick and pure beeswax
Proper wick maintenance is essential for optimal performance and maximum burn time
Beeswax emits negative ions that neutralize the air and purify it
Cotton wick dipped in triple filtered pure beeswax
Beeswax is clean and does not emit chemicals or smoke
Burn time varies based on environmental conditions and burning preferences
Scent and color may vary based on honey, pollen, and propolis content
Beeswax candles are non-toxic, lead-free, and hypoallergenic
Burn candles in a container for optimal performance and safety
Candles can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas
Recommended for both indoor or outdoor use
Made in the USA

Dimensions: 6" high x 4" diameter
Material(s): beeswax/cotton/glass

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
5.00 LBS 4.00" 6.00" 4.00"