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50 Lb. Omega Dy-Chlor Granules for Swimming Pools

  • Omega Dy-Chlor disinfects water; kills bacteria and algae
  • Restores water to crystal clear and eliminates chemical odors
  • Granular formula is safer and easier to use than liquid acid
  • Wear goggles and rubber gloves when handling
  • 3 in 1 formula; follow directions closely for each application

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UPC: 195583913516


Get ready for a summer of poolside fun with the OMEGA Dy-Chlor multi-functional chlorinating granules. These granules are designed to work for all pool types and are without any fillers in the formulation. With its powerful chlorine formula, this 3-in-1 sanitizer kills bacteria, controls algae, and eliminates chlorine odor, providing a safe and clean swimming experience for your family and friends. The OMEGA Dy-Chlor granules also help maintain your pool's pH level, ensuring a balanced environment between 7.4 to 7.6. Trust this high-quality product to keep your pool water crystal-clear and in pristine condition all season long, so you can enjoy a worry-free swimming experience.

Product features:
Use as a sanitizer, algaecide control and shock treatment
Easy to use, quick dissolving granules
Add to pool with the pump running in the deep end as an initial treatment
Use a pool brush to dispense granules that may have settled
Before using as a disinfectant, add a stain and scale inhibitor
As a super-chlorinator, pre-dissolve in water in a separate bucket and stir with plastic or wooden spoon
As an algaecide, brush all surface clinging algae and add to the pool at night or when pool is not in use
Prevents eye and skin irritation for swimmers
Reduces chlorine odors and is for all pool types

Net weight: 50 pounds
Active ingredient: Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Hydrated
Available chlorine: 55.5%
EPA Registration Number: 69470-20-75217

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
54.20 LBS 13.00" 19.00" 13.00"