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Effortless Spa Maintenance! 5-Pieces Black and White Spa Cleaning Kit

  • Complete spa maintenance kit for keeping your spa in top condition
  • Includes a Black magic jet vacuum with a pole for debris removal
  • Black magic jet vacuum with pole helps to eliminate debris
  • Test kit helps in maintaining proper water chemistry
  • Dual test kit poly case for maintaining proper water chemistry, plus a floating thermometer for temperature monitoring
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SKU: POOL 32030
UPC: 257554055554


Make spa maintenance a breeze with this 5-Pieces Black and White Basic Spa Maintenance Kit! This comprehensive collection of components provides everything you need to keep your spa in tip-top condition. The kit includes a Black magic jet vacuum with a pole, making debris removal a snap. The cleaning brush is perfect for easy and effective cleaning, ensuring your spa stays clean and clear. The poly leaf skimmer is designed to remove all types of floating dirt, helping to maintain a pristine spa environment. The dual test kit poly case is essential for maintaining proper water chemistry, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust your spa's chemical levels. The included floating thermometer notifies you of the accurate temperature, ensuring optimal comfort and enjoyment in your spa. This 5-piece spa maintenance kit includes 1 of each item as shown, providing you with all the tools you need for an organized and efficient spa maintenance routine. With this kit, you can quickly clean or empty spas or any other water fixtures without damaging the spa surface. Simplify your spa maintenance routine and ensure your spa is always in its best condition with this comprehensive and convenient spa maintenance kit. Say goodbye to spa maintenance hassles and hello to a crystal-clear and inviting spa experience!

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