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40" Enlightened Buddha Outdoor Statue - Green and Brown

  • Impressive Sculpted Works: This Buddha sculpture features intricate details that will enhance your home decor.
  • Serene and Peaceful: The sculpture exudes tranquility, making it perfect for accentuating gardens or quiet spaces.
  • Great statue in an entryway or in an outdoor meditation garden
  • Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Hand-Painted and Cast with High-Quality Resin: Crafted using real crushed stone bonded with resin for durability.
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Create a visually stunning atmosphere in your home with the 40" Green and Brown Enlightened Buddha Outdoor Statue. This exquisite sculpture is designed to bring a sense of serenity and tranquility to your surroundings. The Buddha sculpture, floating gracefully on a stylized lotus, serves as a beautiful focal point for gardens, meditation areas, or any quiet space. Its impressive sculpted works capture the essence of enlightenment and invite a sense of calmness into your environment. With a richly burnished finish, this outdoor statue showcases a harmonious blend of green and brown tones that add warmth and elegance to any setting. The Buddha's calm countenance and endless serenity create a refreshing ambiance that radiates throughout the space. Hand-painted and cast with high-quality resin, this Enlightened Buddha sculpture exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and durability. The use of real crushed stone bonded with resin ensures its longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Measuring 40" in height, 12" in width, and 8.5" in depth, this Buddha statue commands attention and becomes a captivating presence in any area. Its size and attention to detail contribute to its visual impact and make it an eye-catching decor piece. Whether placed at the entrance of your home, in an outdoor meditation garden, or any serene space, this Enlightened Buddha statue will transform the ambiance into one of peace and tranquility. It serves as a visual reminder to cultivate inner harmony and mindfulness. Embrace the beauty and spiritual essence of the 40" Green and Brown Enlightened Buddha Outdoor Statue, and infuse your home with a sense of serenity and tranquility. Let its presence elevate your decor and create a visual treat for all who behold it.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
18.00 LBS 12.00" 40.00" 8.50"