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30" Sonnet Sounds 'Angels Arms' Solar LED Lighted Outdoor Wind Chimes - Illuminated Serenity

  • Experience the beauty of serene melodies with these LED-lighted outdoor wind chimes.
  • Five heavy-walled tubes emit deep, rich tones, complemented by an inspirational phrase.
  • In Angels' Arms you were taken away, inside our hearts you will always stay.
  • Measures 30 inches long
  • Durable anodized finish, aluminum construction, and industrial strength cord ensure long-lasting quality.
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SKU: DCAR 60501
UPC: 257554121594


Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and soothing glow of our 30" Sonnet Sounds 'Angels Arms' Solar LED Lighted Outdoor Wind Chimes. These wind chimes combine the harmonious tones of five heavy-walled tubes with the radiant beauty of LED lights, creating a captivating and comforting ambiance in your outdoor space. Each tube is printed with the inspirational phrase: "In Angel's Arms you were taken away, inside our hearts you will always stay." These words serve as a poignant reminder of the eternal love and cherished memories we hold for our loved ones who have passed on. The deep, resonant tones produced by the tubes resonate with emotion, creating a serene and melodic experience. The wind chimes feature a durable anodized finish on the aluminum construction, ensuring their longevity and resistance to the elements. The industrial strength cord provides stability and reliability, allowing the wind chimes to gracefully dance in the breeze. What sets these wind chimes apart is their enchanting illumination. A solar panel rests inside the canopy, harnessing the power of the sun to charge the LED lights. As darkness falls, the LED lights shine down around the tubes, casting a magical glow that adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. The clear acrylic strikers also light up, further enhancing the visual appeal and creating a mesmerizing display. An on/off switch located under the canopy allows you to control the lighting, providing the flexibility to enjoy the wind chimes with or without illumination. During the day, the wind chimes serve as a beautiful decorative accent, while at night, they transform into a stunning focal point, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The overall dimensions of these wind chimes are 30" long, with tube dimensions of 1" in diameter. The aluminum/cord/acrylic/plastic construction ensures durability and resilience, making them suitable for outdoor use throughout the seasons. Illuminate your outdoor space with the melodic charm of our 30" Sonnet Sounds 'Angels Arms' Solar LED Lighted Outdoor Wind Chimes. Experience the harmonious melodies that resonate from the five tubes, while the gentle glow of the LED lights creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a personal addition to your garden or patio, these wind chimes will fill your surroundings with beauty, tranquility, and a touch of heavenly inspiration.

Product Specifications

Weight Depth
6.00 LBS 30.00"