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264" Blue and White Vinyl Strap Kit - Secure Your Pool Cover with Ease

  • Blue and white strap kit for a visually appealing and functional pool accessory
  • Securely fasten your pool cover over its fitting, keeping your pool clean and protected
  • Includes an 18 inches velcro
  • Please note you will need a hole punch - not provided in the kit
  • Please note that a hole punch is required (not provided in the kit) for convenient customization
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Keep your pool clean and protected with the 264" Blue and White Vinyl Strap Kit. This kit offers a convenient solution for securely fastening your pool cover over its fitting, ensuring optimal pool cleanliness and maintenance. The blue and white strap kit not only provides functionality but also adds a visually appealing touch to your pool area. With this kit, you can easily secure your pool cover, keeping debris out and maintaining a clean swimming environment. In addition to its practicality, this strap kit aids in prolonging the effectiveness of your pool's chemicals. By properly setting your solar cover using the included straps, you can maximize the benefits of the chemicals and maintain water quality. The kit includes 22' vinyl strapping, providing ample length for various pool sizes. It also comes with 10 sets of grommets, allowing for flexible and customizable installation. The included 18 inches of Velcro adds further versatility to the strap kit. Please note that a hole punch is required to create the necessary holes for installation. While the hole punch is not provided in the kit, it can be easily obtained to complete the setup process. Invest in the 264" Blue and White Vinyl Strap Kit and enjoy a clean and protected pool throughout the summer. Made of durable plastic and vinyl materials, this kit ensures long-lasting performance and convenience. Keep your pool in top condition and make the most of your swimming experience with this essential pool accessory.

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