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2.5" Black APC APCO2334 SX200Z4 O-Ring - Essential Pool Maintenance Accessory

  • Modern style and black finish for a sleek and stylish pool accessory
  • Designed to create a reliable seal between two or more parts, ensuring pool integrity
  • Used to maintain the safety of your swimming pool
  • Recommended for outdoor use
  • Recommended for outdoor use, ensuring a secure pool environment all summer long
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Ensure a clean and fully assembled pool this summer with the 2.5" Black APC APCO2334 SX200Z4 O-Ring. This essential pool maintenance accessory features a black finish O-ring designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly, creating a tight and reliable seal between two or more parts, ensuring optimal pool functionality. With its modern style and sleek black finish, this O-ring adds a touch of elegance to your pool equipment while serving a crucial function. It is specifically designed to maintain the safety and integrity of your swimming pool, providing a secure seal at the interface of pool components. As a trusted brand in pool maintenance, Aquatic Pool Company delivers exceptional quality with this O-ring. Made of durable rubber, it offers long-lasting performance and safety, ensuring the longevity of your pool. The 2.5" diameter of this O-ring makes it suitable for various pool components requiring a 2.5" seal. It is versatile and compatible with different pool systems, allowing for effective maintenance and sealing. Recommended for outdoor use, this O-ring is built to withstand the elements. It is engineered to maintain pool integrity, ensuring a secure and watertight seal even in outdoor conditions. Invest in the 2.5" Black APC APCO2334 SX200Z4 O-Ring and add an essential accessory to your pool maintenance routine. With its durable rubber construction, modern design, and reliable performance, this O-ring is a must-have for any pool owner. Keep your pool clean, assembled, and ready for memorable moments this summer.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
1.00 LBS 2.50" 1.00" 2.50"