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18" Taupe Finish Fairy with Dove Outdoor Patio Statue - Graceful Garden Accent

  • Enhance your outdoor living space with the addition of this stunning fairy statue with a dove.
  • Meticulously crafted, this graceful figure brings inspiration and beauty to your garden.
  • All statuary is custom cast and custom finished, generally ships in 2 weeks, may take up to 4 weeks
  • Statue measure 18 inches high
  • Please note that the figure is made to order, which may result in additional shipping time.
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SKU: DCON 16866-Taupe
UPC: 193228034695


Elevate the charm of your outdoor living space with the 18" Taupe Finish Fairy with Dove Outdoor Patio Statue. This enchanting statue is the perfect addition to your garden, patio, or any area in need of a touch of grace and beauty. Carefully crafted with attention to detail, this fairy statue captivates with its delicate features and serene expression. The fairy gently holds a dove, symbolizing peace and harmony, creating a sense of tranquility in your outdoor oasis. Its graceful posture and flowing attire exude a timeless elegance, making it a captivating focal point. Versatile in its use, this statue can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Whether placed amidst vibrant flowers, nestled in a cozy corner, or showcased as an accent piece, it brings inspiration and beauty to any setting. It effortlessly infuses your patio with a sense of enchantment and invites you to immerse yourself in its whimsical aura. The taupe finish of the statue adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance. With its subtle, neutral tones, it complements various color schemes and seamlessly blends with the natural elements of your garden. The soft, soothing hue of taupe creates a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil and harmonious outdoor space. Please note that each statue is made to order, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. As a result, additional shipping time may be required to deliver this exquisite piece to your doorstep. However, the wait is worthwhile as it guarantees that you receive a meticulously crafted work of art that will bring joy and inspiration to your outdoor environment. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the 18" Taupe Finish Fairy with Dove Outdoor Patio Statue. Let it be a source of inspiration, a reminder of the delicate balance between grace and nature. Embrace the magic it brings and allow its presence to transform your outdoor living space into a haven of elegance and serenity.

Product Specifications

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32.00 LBS 18.00"