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16" Black Lid O-ring - Essential Pool Equipment for Secure Sealing

  • Black finish and rounded-shaped for a secure and reliable seal
  • Prevents fluid from passing by, ensuring efficient pool operation
  • Releasing pressure lets the O-ring return its original shape, ready for the next pressure cycle
  • Recommended for outdoor use
  • Measures 16" in width, suitable for a variety of pool lids
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SKU: DBAY WW8050460B
UPC: 191296572392


Make the most of your summer and enjoy unforgettable moments in your backyard swimming pool with the 16" Black Lid O-ring. This essential pool equipment provides a secure seal, keeping your pool water clean and ensuring efficient pool operation. Featuring a black finish and rounded shape, this O-ring is designed to create a tight seal, preventing any fluid from passing by. It is the perfect solution for maintaining optimal pool performance and preventing leaks. Designed to withstand pressure cycles, this O-ring is resilient and durable. When pressure is released, the O-ring quickly returns to its original shape, ready for the next cycle. This ensures consistent sealing performance and reliable operation. Recommended for outdoor use, this O-ring is specifically crafted to endure various weather conditions, making it ideal for pool maintenance. Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, this O-ring is a valuable asset to keep your pool running smoothly. Measuring 16" in width, this O-ring is suitable for a range of pool lids. Its versatile size ensures compatibility with different pool configurations, providing a secure seal for your pool system. Invest in the 16" Black Lid O-ring and enhance the efficiency and performance of your pool. With its reliable sealing capabilities, resilient design, and suitability for outdoor use, this O-ring is an essential accessory for any pool owner. Enjoy a worry-free summer, knowing that your pool is securely sealed and ready for endless fun.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
0.10 LBS 16.00" 1.00" 1.00"