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Effortless Pool Cleaning: 14.5" Blue & White Classic Gunite Weighted Vacuum Head

  • Wide body curve-flex design for easy maneuverability
  • Compatible with most hard surface pools. Non-mar LDPE body with ABS axles and wheels for durability
  • Includes non mar LDPE body with ABS axles and wheels
  • Recommended for hard surface pools and spas
  • Features 4 covered weights and ABS handle for added stability

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SKU: POOL 27102
UPC: 257554055509


Enjoy carefree summers in the pool with the 14.5" Blue and White Classic Gunite Flexible Weighted Vacuum Head. This vacuum head is designed for efficient pool cleaning, making your pool clean and debris-free in no time. With its wide body curve-flex design, it's easy to maneuver, ensuring hassle-free cleaning. The vacuum head is compatible with most hard-surface pools and spas, making it versatile for various pool types. It features a non-mar LDPE body with ABS axles and wheels for durability, ensuring long-lasting use. The ease-adapt handle fits standard 1 1/4" poles, making it convenient to attach to your existing pool cleaning equipment. The vacuum hose connector fits a 1 1/2" hose, ensuring efficient debris removal. It also includes 4 covered weights and an ABS handle for added stability during cleaning. Recommended for hard-surface pools/spas, this vacuum head is a reliable choice for keeping your pool clean and inviting. With dimensions of 14.5" wide and made with heavy-duty plastic, this vacuum head is built to last. Make pool cleaning effortless with this Classic Gunite Weighted Vacuum Head.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
4.00 LBS 1.00" 1.00" 14.50"