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Efficient White and Blue Cover Saver Siphon Pump - Removes Pool Cover Water without Electricity - Protects from Ice and Mildew Damage

  • Removes excess water from pool covers without electricity
  • Non-electric siphon action cover drain
  • Garden hose required but not included
  • Cover saver is 1.75 inches high by 8.25 inches diameter
  • Automatic water removal without risk of shock
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SKU: SWIM 5436
UPC: 093422178617


The White and Blue Cover Saver Siphon Rain Water Removing Pump is an easy-to-use, non-electric siphon pump that efficiently removes excess water from your pool cover. With its hand-operated design, you can easily hook it up to a pump or hose and let it do the work for you. This water removing pump extends the life of your above ground pool cover and protects it from ice, water, and mildew damage. It automatically removes water from above ground pool covers without any risk of shock. Its dimensions include a cover saver measuring 1.75" high x 8.25" diameter, a clear hose measuring 0.5" wide x 14' long, and a pump measuring 24" high x 6" wide. Made of polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride materials, this cover saver is built to last. Note that a garden hose is required but not included. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually emptying your pool cover with the White and Blue Cover Saver Siphon Rain Water Removing Pump.

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
3.25 LBS 11.00" 2.50" 13.00"