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Keep Your Pool Sparkling with an 11.5" Green Turtle Chlorine Dispenser!

  • Features a smiling happy turtle wearing sunglasses for a fun and unique addition to your pool
  • Includes a small matching floating turtle for added charm
  • Adjustable chlorinating-control on the bottom of the dispenser
  • Holds up to six 3 inches chlorine or bromine tablets
  • Child-resistant lock and expandable basket for chlorine tabs ensure safety and ease of use
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Summer is here, and it's time to enjoy your pool or spa! If you're tired of boring old chlorine dispensers, look no further. This 11.5" Green Turtle with Sunglasses Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser is the perfect addition to your pool. With its unique and fun design featuring a smiling happy turtle wearing sunglasses, it adds a touch of style while keeping your pool clean and well-chlorinated. This chlorine dispenser comes with a small matching floating turtle, adding an extra charm to your pool. It can hold up to (6) 3" chlorine or bromine tablets, ensuring a steady release of chlorine to maintain proper chlorination levels in your pool. The adjustable chlorinating-control on the bottom of the dispenser allows you to easily control the amount of chlorine being released. The expandable basket for chlorine tabs makes it convenient to load and unload the tablets. Plus, the child-resistant lock ensures safety around the pool area. This chlorine dispenser is suitable for all types of pools and is made of durable plastic material. Chlorine tablets are not included. With dimensions of 11.5"H x 8.5"W x 8"D, this chlorine dispenser is a perfect fit for your pool or spa

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
1.70 LBS 8.00" 11.50" 8.50"