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1000 HydroTools DPD1 Water Test Tablets for Accurate Pool Chlorine Level Monitoring

  • Pack of 1000 HydroTools swimming pool test tabs.
  • Measures free available chlorine accurately.
  • Pack of 1000
  • Longer shelf life than liquid DPD
  • Made from plastic and man-made chemicals.

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SKU: SWIM 8480
UPC: 762152348804


The Pack of 1000 HydroTools Swimming Pool DPD Water Test Tablets is a reliable and easy way to ensure that your pool water is properly sanitized with the right amount of chlorine. These DPD1 tabs are more accurate and have a longer shelf life compared to liquid DPD reagents, making them an excellent choice for pool owners. Each pack includes 1000 test tabs, enough to last for multiple pool seasons. Simply drop a tab into a sample of pool water and compare the color change to the included chart to determine the amount of free available chlorine in your pool. These test tabs are made of plastic and man-made chemicals and are designed to provide accurate and reliable results every time. Keep your pool water crystal clear and healthy with the HydroTools Swimming Pool DPD Water Test Tablets.

Product Specifications

1.00 LBS