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10 Lb - Omega Alkalinity Increaser for Swimming Pools

  • Omega alkalinity increaser raises the alkalinity; extends chlorine performance
  • Alkalinity increaser assists your pool water to resist pH changes
  • Use when alkalinity drops below 80 ppm
  • Helps to reduce skin and eye discomfort
  • Granule formula is safer and easier to use than liquid acid

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UPC: 786224555198


Summer is almost here and it's time to get your pool ready for family and friends. Pool water is a delicate balance of chemicals, so ensure your pool's pH levels are perfectly balanced and kept between the recommended 7.4 to 7.6 with our OMEGA alkalinity increaser. Alkalinity is critical to pH control and having balanced pool water helps keep your pool clean and clear, and allows your sanitizer to work better, so you can enjoy your pool safely all summer long.

Product features:
Increases the Alkalinity levels in swimming pools safely
Prevents "pH bounce", equipment corrosion and water discoloration
Use when total alkalinity drops below 80 ppm; ideal range 80-100 ppm
Prevents eye and skin irritation for swimmers
Reduces water odors
Granular formula
Quick dissolving
Easy to use

Net weight: 10 pound pouch
Active ingredient: Anhydrous Sodium Bicarbonate

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
10.10 LBS 10.50" 14.50" 5.00"