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10.5" Ignitor Wire for Kenmore and Nexgrill Gas Grills

  • Black and silver ignitor wire for Kenmore gas grills
  • Can be used with the gas grills models Duro, Kenmore, Members Mark
  • 10.5 inches high by 1.13 inch wide by 1.13 inch deep
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SKU: DMSC 03621
UPC: 191296438995


If reliable ignitor wire is what you are looking for, this wire has got you covered. Highly compatible with most barbecue brands, this is durable enough to stand the test of time. For easy installation, it comes with round female connections.

Product Features:
Features an ignitor wire with gas grills
Carries exceptional durability for a long-lasting service
Recommended for outdoor use only

Dimensions: 10.5"H x 1.13"W x 1.13"D
Material(s): copper

Can used with the following gas grill models Duro 720-0584A, Jenn-Air 720-0163, Jenn-Air 720-0164, Jenn-Air 720-0165, Jenn-Air 720-0171, Jenn-Air 720-0336, Jenn-Air 720-0709, Jenn-Air 720-0709B, Jenn-Air 720-0720, Jenn-Air 720-0727, Jenn-Air 730-0709, Kenmore 122.33492410, Kenmore 146.16132110, Kenmore 146.16133110, Kenmore 146.23675310, Kenmore 146.23678310, Kenmore 146.23679310, Kenmore 148.16154210, Kenmore 148.16154211, Kenmore 148.16156210, Kenmore 148.16656010, Kenmore 148.34176410, Kenmore 148.34178410, Kenmore 148.34308410, Kenmore 16657, Kenmore 415.16657900, Kenmore 415.16657900G, Kenmore 640-05057350-0, Kenmore 640-05057351-8, Kenmore 640-05057371-6, Kenmore 640-05057373-6, Kenmore 640-05057386-4, Kenmore 640-05861277-1, Kenmore 640-06336722-1, Kenmore 640-06336726-2, Kenmore 640-06358426-2, Kenmore 720-0830A, Kenmore 90118, Kitchen Aid 720-0336D, Kitchen Aid 720-0709C, Kitchen Aid 720-0727, Kitchen Aid 720-0733, Kitchen Aid 720-0733A, Kitchen Aid 720-0745, Kitchen Aid 720-0745A, Kitchen Aid 720-0745B, Kitchen Aid 720-0787D, Kitchen Aid 720-0819, Kitchen Aid 720-0826, Kitchen Aid 720-0830A, Kitchen Aid 720-0891B, Kitchen Aid 720-0891R, Kitchen Aid 720-0893, Kitchen Aid 730-0891B, Kitchen Aid 730-0891R, Kitchen Aid 860-0003, Kitchen Aid 870-0003, Master Forge 2518-3, Master Forge L3218, Master Forge P3018, Master Forge RT2417S, Members Mark 720-0582, Members Mark 720-0584A, Members Mark 720-0586A, Members Mark 720-0691A, Members Mark 720-0709B, Members Mark 720-0778A, Members Mark 720-0778C, Members Mark 730-0691A, Nexgrill 720-0133, Nexgrill 720-0163, Nexgrill 720-0164, Nexgrill 720-0165, Nexgrill 720-0171, Nexgrill 720-0335, Nexgrill 720-0336, Nexgrill 720-0336D, Nexgrill 720-0337, Nexgrill 720-0582, Nexgrill 720-0584A, Nexgrill 720-0586A, Nexgrill 720-0649, Nexgrill 720-0665, Nexgrill 720-0671, Nexgrill 720-0691A, Nexgrill 720-0709, Nexgrill 720-0709B, Nexgrill 720-0709C, Nexgrill 720-0720, Nexgrill 720-0727

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
0.10 LBS 1.25" 10.50" 1.25"