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Clear Up Cloudy Water with Haviland Durachlor Super Fall Out - 1 Qt

  • Super Fall Out clumps particles for easy vacuum clean up, clearing cloudy water
  • Concentrated liquid flocking agent for efficient and effective results
  • Use on all pool types and surfaces
  • Compatible with all sanitizers
  • Fast-acting formula compatible with all sanitizers for quick results
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Transform your cloudy pool water into crystal clear with Haviland Durachlor Super Fall Out Flocculent Concentrate! If you've forgotten to keep your pump running and now have stubborn particles clouding your water, no worries. This powerful liquid flocking agent will clump all the particles together, nestling them to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuum cleanup. Designed to work on all pool types and surfaces, this concentrated formula is versatile and effective. It contains no alum, making it safe for your pool and compatible with all sanitizers. Its fast-acting formula works quickly to clear up your pool water, so you can enjoy a sparkling clean pool in no time. With a net weight of 1 quart, this Haviland Durachlor Super Fall Out Flocculent Concentrate provides ample supply for multiple treatments, ensuring you have enough to maintain your pool throughout the season. Don't let cloudy water ruin your pool experience - get yourself some Super Fall Out and enjoy crystal-clear water for a pristine swimming experience!

Product Specifications

1.00 LBS