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1 Qt - Haviland Combat Extra All Purpose Algaecide

  • Knock out algae with a one-two punch with this combat extra algaecide
  • Demolishes even the toughest algae including black algae
  • Fast acting and long lasting; Non staining and foaming formula
  • The pH neutral formula keeps you from having to use more chemicals
  • Net weight of bottle is 1 quart
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Finally summer time and the pool is opening but what is that? Algae. Don't feel defeated, get yourself some combat extra algaecide. This algaecide will knock even the most resistant strands of algae out with a one-two punch.

Uniquely blended broad spectrum algaecide that contains an ideal amount of heavily chelated copper
Special clarifying compounds will increase water clarity after use
Non-Staining and non-foaming formula
Fast acting and long fasting
pH neutral; keeping you from having to use more chemicals
May reduce the amount of chlorine needed
Contains added clarifiers to speed up pool recovery

Net weight: 1 quart

Product Specifications

1.00 LBS