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1 Qt - Haviland Algae Kil CB7 Algae Control Concentrate

  • Algae Kil CB7 is the only algaecide you will need
  • Treats and prevents all algae types
  • Non-foaming formula; pH neutral so no need for chemicals after application
  • Works in both chlorine and bromine pools
  • Net weight of product is 1 quart
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Oh no you forgot to treat the pool before vacation now you came home to a green pool! Relax we have the fix for that, try our Algae Kil CB7 algaecide. This algaecide helps prevent and control algae growth in all types of swimming pools.

Easily destroys and prevents green, blue/green, mustard/yellow and black algae
Unique copper blend knocks algae right out
Triple chelated copper prevents staining on pool surfaces
Works for both chlorine or bromine pools
pH neutral so no need to adjust chemicals after application
Keeps fighting algae days after application
Safe for swimmers; if using as a standalone product pool use can be reused shortly after usage

Net weight: 1 quart

Product Specifications

1.00 LBS