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1.25" Electrode for Steelman Brand Gas Grills

  • Outdoor kitchen grill electrode for steelman
  • Electrode comes with female spade connection
  • Can be used with Steelman gas grill models
  • Recommended for outdoor gas grill products
  • 1 inch high by 1.44 inch wide by 0.94 inch deep
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SKU: DMSC 06300
UPC: 075954063005


Completely risk-free and trustworthy, this electrode is the perfect source of ignition for the barbeque. Preferred as a replacement to the old ignition methods, this device is specifically designed to fit into modern grills. It enhances the ignition module to give you the best results.

Product Features
Electrode comes with female spade connection
Carries exceptional durability for a long-lasting service
Recommended for outdoor gas grill products

Dimensions: 1"H x 1.44"W x 0.94"D
Wire: 16.25" long
Material(s): ceramic

Can be used with gas grill models Freedom FG-100, Straubelstone AMB24/N, Straubelstone AMB24/P, Straubelstone AMB24/PNT, Straubelstone AMBASSADOR, Straubelstone BI24S-S1/N, Straubelstone BI24S-S1/P, Straubelstone BI24S-S1/PNT, Straubelstone BI36S-S1/N, Straubelstone BI36S-S1/P, Straubelstone BI36S-S1/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-G4/N, Straubelstone CU24S-G4/P, Straubelstone CU24S-G4/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-G5/N, Straubelstone CU24S-G5/P, Straubelstone CU24S-G5/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-G6/N, Straubelstone CU24S-G6/P, Straubelstone CU24S-G6/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-G7/N, Straubelstone CU24S-G7/P, Straubelstone CU24S-G7/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-G8/N, Straubelstone CU24S-G8/P, Straubelstone CU24S-G8/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S1/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S1/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S1/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S2/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S2/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S2/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S3/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S3/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S3/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S4/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S4/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S4/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S5/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S5/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S5/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S6/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S6/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S6/PNT, Straubelstone CU24S-S7/N, Straubelstone CU24S-S7/P, Straubelstone CU24S-S7/PNT, Straubelstone CU36/N, Straubelstone CU36/P, Straubelstone CU36/PNT, Straubelstone EXECUTIVE, Straubelstone JEFFERSON 2000-, Straubelstone PT24S-S1/N, Straubelstone PT24S-S1/P, Straubelstone PT24S-S1/PNT, Straubelstone PT24S-S2/N, Straubelstone PT24S-S2/P, Straubelstone PT24S-S2/PNT, Straubelstone PT24S-S3/N, Straubelstone PT24S-S3/P, Straubelstone PT24S-S3/PNT, Straubelstone PT24S-S4/N, Straubelstone PT24S-S4/P, Straubelstone PT24S-S4/PNT, Straubelstone Q24S-AMB24/N, Straubelstone Q24S-AMB24/P, Straubelstone Q24S-AMB24/PNT, Straubelstone Q24S-JEF/N, Straubelstone Q24S-JEF/P, Straubelstone Q24S-JEF/PNT, Straubelstone Q24S-JEF24/N, Straubelstone Q24S-JEF24/P, Straubelstone

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
0.10 LBS 0.75" 1.00" 1.25"